Mini Bulldog Breed Information

Mini Bulldog

The mini bulldog is across breed all of a pound and a bulldog. This miniature bulldog should never be confused with the miniature English bulldog that is a purebred bulldog that has been bred down in size. The life expectancy of this dog is between 8 to 15 years are more.


A miniature bulldog a weigh between 13 to 30 pounds and will have our height of between 12 to 16 inches. Their weight and height will all depend on the size of their parent dog breeds.

Appearance and Temperment

Miniature bulldogs may have an average shape with their limbs tending to be muscular. All they have dark brown eyes and a nose that is usually all black. Some of the offense of the mini bulldog resembles a plug while other characteristics will resemble a bulldog. To really study the temperment of the miniature bulldog it is necessary to study the temperment of both the parents. When exhibit more trades of the bulldog they will be affectionate and loyal and will be very patient with children. There are some bulldogs that tend to be rather dominant and require consistent form leadership. A pug can be very happy go lucky as far as dogs go. They are very playful and lively and will be able to keep you entertained. Exhibit further characteristics of the frog they will be very intelligent although they will be bored easily if there is no real diversity in their training.


Training will be a large factor it as far as the temperment and socialization of your dog. Miniature bulldogs are very sensible and need to have a very dominant pack leader in order to be trained properly. It is recommended that you take the time to socialize your puppy as well as train them right away. It will go far in molding good character in your dog. Consistent training and socialization is required for this type of dog.

The miniature bulldog requires some playtime every day and will take a long walk in order to be able to fulfill their exercise needs. You want to make sure that you’re never letting your dog lead when you take them for a walk as you want them to know that you’re the leader in this arrangement.